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Welcome to The Blossom Clinic

Karen Chipperton, a registered nurse with over thirty years of experience in holistic medicine, is available for consultations at the Blossom Clinic in Warrandyte, Melbourne. Karen offers comprehensive testing and analysis designed to help your health blossom.

The Blossom Clinic focuses on:

  • Preventative and holistic medicine
  • Naturopathy
  • Healthy aging
  • Natural pregnancies
  • Genetic nutrition
  • Women’s health
  • Children’s health

When you visit the Blossom Clinic, expect personalised service from Karen, a full physical examination and thorough testing. Our testing is laboratory direct, which means you receive quick, affordable service.

Blossom Clinic tests include:

  • DNA Genetic nutritional testing – aids in accurately treating a range of ailments. Saliva testing checks your body’s ability to detoxify and break down vitamins and minerals
  • Hair tissue analysis – assesses nutritional imbalances and toxicity. Hair analysis reveals the levels of over thirty-five minerals that are essential for optimal health
  • Pathology tests – can pinpoint a range of conditions. Tests include cholesterol, inflammation, antibodies. Some tests including blood pressure and blood sugar are performed in the clinic
  • Physical examinations – Karen incorporates Chinese diagnosis, naturopathic assessment and Western medicine to gain an overall picture of patient health
  • Allergy tests – igG, igA and igE help isolate environmental factors and foods that may contribute to allergic symptoms

When you visit the Blossom Clinic, you will receive personal care in a relaxed, nurturing environment and a commitment to helping you achieve your full potential. Please contact us for bookings or questions.