Genetic Nutrition

If you are seeking the very latest advice and support in genetic nutrition and naturopathic treatments, it’s time to visit Blossom Clinic. Our naturopath, Karen Chipperton, continues to study and learn and is proud to offer advice and support in one of the latest interdisciplinary sciences for optimum health – nutrigenomics.

We perform easy on the spot, genetic testing via an easy saliva test, to help determine your unique genetic disposition and nutritional requirements

Nutritional genomics or nutrigenomics studies the affect of foods, nutrients and herbs on genes, and how individual genetic differences change the body’s responses to nutrients in the diet. Nutrigenomics is an exciting field with continuing research revealing its potential to prevent and treat chronic disease through specific dietary changes. The five tenets of nutrigenomics are:

  • Diet can be a considerable risk factor for a number of diseases in some individuals
    under certain circumstances
  • Gene expression or structure can be altered by the interaction of common dietary
    chemicals on the human genome
  • An individual’s genetic makeup may influence the degree to which diet affects the
    balance between health and disease
  • Certain diet-regulated genes (for example those related to MTHFR) most likely have a
    role in the onset, progression and severity of chronic diseases
  • Knowledge of the genotype, nutritional requirements and current nutritional status of a
    patient can be applied to prevent, manage or cure chronic disease

Can you imagine changing your diet and having greater energy, less stress and more protection against chronic illnesses? Well, genetic nutrition could very well be the answer. Nutrigenomics uses knowledge of an individual’s nutritional needs, current health status and genotype to deliver personalised diet prescriptions designed to maintain health and prevent chronic disease.

Understanding your nutritional requirements is important in the stresses and strains of modern day life. We are increasingly exposed to environmental factors that affect our health and emotional well-being and cause micronutrient depletion. Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals that are required in small amounts to ensure the proper growth and metabolism of living organisms. In some people micronutrient uptake is poor due to polymorphism in genes, which means their bodies are not able to efficiently break down the nutrients they require –
DNA testing can establish this condition.

If you would like to find out more about Nutrigenomics, the NCMHD Centre for Excellence for Nutritional Genomics has plenty of information, a glossary and the latest news on this exciting field of study.

On your first visit to Blossom Clinic, we carry out a physical examination, urine, saliva and MTHFR genetic testing, and any other pathology tests as necessary to get a clear picture of your current health and your nutritional needs. From there, our qualified naturopath and registered nurse works with you to establish a treatment plan and the dietary changes you require. She is happy to answer any questions you may have about genetic nutrition, and she takes the time to make sure you understand the individual processes of your own body.

Blossom Clinic is situated in a quiet location in Warrandyte, Melbourne with off-street parking available. Please contact us to make a booking, or if you would like to know more about nutrigenomics. We are always happy to help!

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