Are you feeling tired and down but can’t pinpoint the reason? Do you want to feel fully alive and reach your full potential? If you answered yes to both questions, it might be time to visit a naturopath.

At the Blossom Clinic, we specialise in preventative medicine and naturopathy to treat a broad range of conditions. Our naturopath, Karen Chipperton, has over thirty years experience and is passionate about helping her clients reach full emotional and physical health.

What does a Naturopath do?

Most people’s natural health is masked by allergies and stress or bad dietary and lifestyle choices. A naturopath’s purpose is to help the body fight the stresses of modern living and heal and maintain itself. To do this, naturopaths draw upon the health sciences to diagnose, treat and prevent a range of conditions.

Naturopathy aims to treat the ‘whole’ person – mind, body and spirit. Depending on a client’s needs, a naturopath will incorporate some or all of the following elements into a treatment plan:

  • Analysis – hair and saliva analysis and a physical examination are conducted to ascertain the correct treatment for each client
  • Herbal Medicine – tonics containing natural plant-based formulas may be prescribed to help overcome a range of ailments
  • Diet– a nutritious diet combining whole foods and ‘superfoods’ is selected to help rebuild the immune system, suppress allergies and balance your system
  • Massage or physical therapies – can be beneficial for releasing negative emotions, tension
  • Homeopathy – homeopathic medicines from plants and minerals help strengthen the body, mind and soul,
  • Flower essences – can be of use for breaking addictions, controlling stress and treating emotional disharmony

On your first consultation, Karen will ask about your family’s health history and your dietary habits to build a picture of your current health. The consult will also include:

  • Testing and analysis of your hair and saliva
  • A physical examination
  • Allergy testing (if required)
  • Tongue, pulse and face diagnosis
  • Ear, throat and chest examinations (if necessary)

Naturopathy is an excellent treatment for the following conditions:

  • Allergies and skin conditions – we test and analyse to isolate environmental and dietary triggers
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome – naturopathic treatments include vitamin and mineral supplements
  • Digestive problems and Irritable Bowel Syndrome – natural remedies can be tailored to your lifestyle and condition
  • Migraines – detecting dietary and environmental triggers is a good beginning point for managing migraines
  • depression and emotional problems – we have a range of natural remedies available
  • menstrual and menopausal problems – we have solutions to make your life more comfortable

Blossom Clinic is situated in Warrandyte, Melbourne and offers personal service and peaceful rooms with onsite parking available. If you have questions about our naturopathic services, or you wish to book an appointment, please contact us today.

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