The best type of folate for pregnancy MTHFR gene and pregnancy

The best type of folate for pregnancy MTHFR gene and pregnancy

MTHFR and preconception care

Congratulations if you are looking to conceive or have already! It’s a wonderful journey to share and a great time for self-discovery and care.

Not all folates are the same and it is so important to get the right one! The wrong type not only can be difficult for our bodies to break down to its useable form, but also acts to actually BLOCK bioavailable folate from foods from entering our cells. This is because it is taken up into our folate receptors in our cells and because it looks like broken down folate, but actually isn’t, it prevents usable folate from entering. No matter what your genetics are and whether or not you efficiently break down folate, unmetabolised folate will still hinder cellular folate. The cells are where we need the methylated folate the most, especially sperm and egg cells. Gluten will also block folate absorption, as it too looks like bioavailable folate to our bodies and will be taken up into folate receptors on cells.

A large study has shown that unmetabolised folate decreases fertility and increases miscarriage. Yet it is still the form found in most over the counter multivitamins and those advertised on TV. It is labelled as folic acid or folate on containers and when added to foods. Most breads and cereals have unmetabolised folate added.

The more broken down and bioavailable form is called methylfolate. Our bodies need to convert it to this form before it can be used. It is found in some physician formulated supplements like those used here at The Blossom Clinic.

Some people find that methylated folate makes them detox quickly and do better on food sourced natural folate. I highly recommend barley/wheat grass powders, sprouts and lettuces daily for usable folate. You are better to throw away multis with regular folate and just use barley grass, if in any doubt.


AVOID GLUTEN and foods /supplements with ADDED FOLATE or folic acid.

have vitamin C 2 x a day (improves MTHFR gene enzyme, that breaks down folate) take barley/wheat grass 1-2 tsp daily increase organic leafy greens, especially sprouts of all types and lettuces

Wishing you all the best of health and happiness for you and your family, Karen