Holistic Medicine

Healing the Whole Person

Blossom Clinic offers a variety of natural therapies that are used holistically to balance your mind, body and emotions and improve your quality of life.

Holistic medicine focuses on restoring the whole person to achieve optimal health. At Blossom Clinic, we use naturopathy, conventional medical knowledge, massage, homeopathy, laser acupuncture, reiki, reflexology and kinesiology to help you overcome your health problems and live a happy, healthy life.

The Guiding Principles of Holistic Medicine

Practitioners of holistic medicine believe that offering caring support while teaching a patient to be responsible for his or her own health and well-being boosts the healing process. The main principles of holistic medicine are:

  • Every person has the innate ability to self-heal
  • Patients are people, not diseases
  • Real healing takes a team effort from the doctor, patient and family and may require a variety of natural treatments
  • The aim of wellness is treating the cause, not the symptoms

Blossom Clinic Therapies

We are lucky to have a registered nurse and qualified naturopath, direct access to affordable laboratory testing and comfortable rooms in a beautiful location. All of our clients receive personalised, holistic treatments in a nurturing, caring environment where his or her concerns can be discussed without embarrassment. Our experienced practitioner, Karen Chipperton, has over thirty years of experience and is always on hand to offer confidential advice and assistance for the following:

  • Nutrition and dietary advice – we offer advice and treatments based on genetic nutrition and laboratory testing, and we can tailor diets to alleviate allergies and digestive disorders
  • Herbal medicine – we have a vast range of herbal treatments for depression, anxiety, stomach disorders and women’s health issues
  • Classical homoeopathy – intersects with holistic medicine to ensure the whole person is treated
  • Physical therapies- we offer reflexology, laser acupuncture, massage and reiki
  • Infrared sauna – detox, relax, relieve pain, lose weight, improve circulation, and eliminate toxins from your skin
  • Diagnostic tests- hair tissue analysis, medical pathology, saliva and urine testing and MTHFR genetic testing
  • Certified natural fertility management – we help you create a plan that addresses nutrition, physical therapies, lifestyle choices and environmental influences to ensure fertility and healthy conception
  • Better Babies programme – we are committed to natural care for better babies, and we help older parents conceive and raise healthy babies

If you or a member of your family lacks energy, suffers from anxiety or depression or experiences allergic reactions, digestive, or circulatory problems we have a range of therapies that can help get you and your loved ones back to full potential. Our treatments can be tailored to individual or family requirements.

Lyme Disease

Although not yet fully recognised in Australia, Lyme disease (also called MSIDS – Multiple Systemic Infection Disease) is believed to be affecting at least 20% of people. At the Blossom Clinic we know it is a very real issue that many people face. The bacteria group called Borrelia (along with other co-infections such as Bartonella and Babesia) are spread by ticks and most likely other blood feeding insects too, such as mosquitoes.

The Blossom clinic acknowledges the disease and provides the latest most accurate testing for Borrelia and its co-infections. Long term treatment is provided with a specific program of herbal medicine and nutrients to bring relief to those affected.

Blossom Clinic is located in Warrandyte, Melbourne. We have off-street parking, friendly staff and quiet, relaxing rooms. All consultations are eligible for rebates under private health care funds, so don’t put your health on hold. Contact us today for a confidential chat or to make a booking. We are here to help your whole health blossom.

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