Natural Pregnancies

Blossom Clinic’s registered nurse and qualified naturopath, Karen Chipperton, is committed to working with new and expecting parents, children and women of all ages. With over twenty years of experience, Karen has helped many couples start healthy, happy families.

Karen can assist at any stage of pregnancy and has many services for women and children, including:

  • Hair mineral analysis tests to aid in accurate and personalised nutritional assessments for individual preconception programs
  • Women’s health, including balancing and nourishing women’s menstrual cycles, and working with women during their peri-menopause
  • Natural fertility enhancement for men, including sperm morphology and motility
  • I.V.F enhancement, support and alternatives
  • Natural fertility enhancement for men and women
  • Natural, healthy pregnancy and birth care
  • Natural birth preparation, healing and recovery
  • Post-natal care, breastfeeding support and sleep quality
  • Baby health, including care of eczema, colic and other symptoms babies may experience
  • Children’s health including, ear infections, fever and coughs
  • Autism, learning delays and behavioural patterns in children


Natural Pregnancy Tips

It doesn’t matter whether you are starting your first pregnancy or on your third, looking after body and mind during pregnancy is the best start you can give your baby. The following are basic tips for starting your journey in the best possible way.

Watch what you eat

Be sure to nourish yourself and baby with a natural diet of nutrient-rich, whole foods. Eat a good variety of fresh vegetables and fruits and lean meats. Moderate sugar intake and make sure you get enough carbohydrates for energy but do not overindulge in empty calories.

Avoid processed food and prepare as much of your own food as possible. Drink at least two to three litres of water per day and avoid artificial colours and sweeteners.

Keep yourself active

Pick an activity or activities you love, for example walking the dog or dancing, and continue throughout your pregnancy. Don’t force yourself to do heavy workouts or exercises that cause discomfort. If you have to sit for work, try to get up and walk every hour to help your circulation. Stay positive

You are making a little person, so enjoy your pregnancy! Take pride in your changing body, and embrace the movements you begin to feel. Don’t listen to negative birthing stories or feel pressured to look like a supermodel.


Take time out to let your body unwind and to listen to your body and the tiny life that is growing inside you. Think about how you are feeling emotionally and physically, and seek support if you need it.

If you would like to know more about the families who have worked with Karen in the past, please read our patient testimonials or take a look at our case studies. Blossom Clinic is in a beautiful, peaceful location in Warrandyte, Melbourne. We have off-street parking and quiet, welcoming rooms, so why not contact us today and start your natural pregnancy with confidence.

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