Children’s Health

The Blossom Clinic in Warrandyte, Melbourne specialises in testing for and treating childhood health problems. Our naturopath and registered nurse, Karen Chipperton, is an experienced practitioner and parent, so she understands the importance of maintaining optimal health in children. Blossom Clinic offers a comprehensive testing service designed to uncover health issues that may be masked or caused by allergies, food intolerances, digestive
problems, nutritional deficiencies, genetic or environmental factors.

As a rule, we complete a physical examination and undertake some or all of the following tests when a child presents with undiagnosed health problems:

  • Urine test – assesses neurotransmitters, mauves factor (urinary pyrrole ), analyses
    acid/ alkaline balance, kidney health, blood sugar level and more
  • Saliva test – easy genetic testing which identifies inflammatory and infectious disease
    markers, antibodies, allergies, parasites and more
  • Hair tests – reveals the levels of over thirty-five minerals that are required by the body
    for optimal health and also heavy metals/ toxic elements that interfere with good
  • Pathology tests – we can perform a large range of laboratory and in-house tests
    designed to pinpoint ailments

Our initial consultation covers all aspects of your child’s daily life, including diet, schooling, sleeping habits and behavioral patterns. This information helps Karen to help your child with natural remedies that are designed to strengthen the immune and nervous systems and help fight off illnesses.

Children’s health can be compromised by environmental factors, inherited genes and mental health problems. Karen’s approach to your child’s health is holistic – the whole child is taken into account, and a treatment plan is provided to nourish your child physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The following health problems (and more) are treated at Blossom Clinic:

  • Food intolerances – managing a food intolerance can increase your child’s quality of
    life and may help reduce allergies, insomnia and behavioural problems
  • Allergies – allergic reactions are debilitating and may, in severe cases, result in death.
    Therefore, it is important to have a treatment plan and manage allergies
  • Eczema – a distressing and often embarrassing condition that can be managed with
    natural therapies
  • Sleep disorders – this condition is often a symptom of an underlying health or
    emotional problem
  • Fears, anxiety and depression – testing can help determine whether these issues are
    due to genetic, dietary or environmental factors
  • Autism spectrum disorder – making dietary changes and adding quality supplements can help alleviate insomnia and stress associated with autism
  • Pyrrole disorder (also known as Mauves factor) effects at least 10% of children. Diagnosed by urine testing, it is responsible for deficiencies in zinc, B6 and omega 6 and the accompanying mental and physical symptoms that some children suffer, such as learning difficulty, poor attention, ADHD and mood swings. This and other developmental and genetic disorders are tested and treated.

Our range of therapies aimed at children’s health includes nutrition for optimal growth, boosting the immune system to help fight off infections, strengthening cognitive health with good dietary habits and supplements, homeopathic remedies for digestive health, enhancing dental and bone development, vaccination support and homeoprophylaxis.

We are proud of our personal care, attention to detail and depth of knowledge, but we don’t expect you to take only our word for it. We invite you to read testimonials from our happy, healthy clients and read our successful case studies. If your child is not enjoying the best of health, or you have concerns about their behaviour or dietary habits, why not contact Karen today for a confidential chat.

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